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Super edge-antimagicness for a class of disconnected graphs
Dafik, Mirka Miller, Joe Ryan and Martin Baca; Proceedings of the Seventeenth Australasian Workshop on Combinatorial Algoritms, 17 (2006) 67- 75


Abstract: A graph G of order p and size q is called an (a, d)-edge-antimagic total if there exist a bijection f : V (G) U E(G) --> {1, 2, ...,  p + q} such that the edge-weights, W(uv) = {f(u) + f(v) + f(uv), uv in  E(G)} form an arithmetic sequence with fitrst term a and common diffeerence d. Such a graph G is called super if the smallest possible labels appearon the vertices. In this paper we study properties of super (a,d)-edge-antimagic total labeling of disconnected graphs $K_{(1,m)} U K_{(1,n)}.

Key Words: (a; d)-edge-antimagic total labeling, super (a,d)-edge-antimagic total labeling, disconnected graphs, star graphs.

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