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Super Edge-Antimagic Total Labeling of mKn,n,n
Dafik, Mirka Miller, and Joe Ryan, ARS Combinatoria, 101 (2011) 97 - 107
Jurnal Internasional


Abstract: An (a, d)-edge-antimagic total labeling on (p, q)-graph G is a one-to-one map f from V (G) U E(G) onto the integers {1, 2, ..., p + q} with the property that the edge-weights, W(uv) = f(u)+f(v)+f(uv) where uv in E(G), form an arithmetic progression starting from a and having common difference d. Such a labeling is called super if the smallest possible labels appear on the vertices. In this paper, we investigate the existence of super (a, d)-edge-antimagic total labeling of disjoint union of multiple copies of complete tripartite graph.

Key Words: Super (a, d)-edge-antimagic total labeling, Complete Tripartite Graph mK_{n;n;n}

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